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Is the Workshop School a public school? Yes. We are part of the School District of Philadelphia.

If we mostly work on projects, will I still get grades? Yes, you will have a transcript that looks like a typical high school. We use your project work to evaluate your progress in English, math, science, and social studies.

Where is the Workshop School? We are located at 221 S. Hanson Street (near 49th and Locust Streets) in West Philadelphia.

Who is eligible to enroll? Anyone who is interested in our innovative, project-based approach is eligible. We are not a magnet or special admission school. You do not need a specific test score or GPA to be admitted.

Do you have sports? Yes! Because we are a new, small school, Workshop students currently have the opportunity to play on sports teams from other high schools. As we grow, we will develop our own sports teams.

How will the Workshop School help me reach my college and career goals? At the Workshop, our main goal is to help you get ready for life after high school. During your time with us, you will do challenging work on real world problems and learn to work well in teams—two critical skills for the world of work. By the time you reach 11th grade you’ll have a chance to participate in internship programs and take college courses for credit. We believe that the best way to get students ready for the real world is to expose them to it.