Lies, Liars and Living in Lies

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In a fairly recent New Yorker article Arne Duncan told the following story: Once, when Duncan was in high school, a basketball star he knew from Sue’s came to him for help in studying for the A.C.T. test.  “He was being recruited by some big places,” Duncan said.  “He was thinking Marquette, something like that.  […]

No President Left Behind

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Dear President Obama, If the midterms elections are any indicator you have your work cut out for you in terms of getting another term. If you are accepting advice from people not from Chicago I have an idea for how to get reelected: The Presidential Standardized Test. Here’s how it works. Declare a presidential “crisis” […]

A Convenient Lie

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A Convenient Lie By C. Aiden Downey Waiting for Superman is a misnomer, as director David Guggenheim not only finds Superman (played by Jeffry Canada) but also Wonderwoman (Michele Rhree), both of who are already trying to saving children from what Rhee, chronically tangled up in her own truth lasso, confesses to be a “crappy […]