Student voices: Great Opportunities for Students at Workshop Industries

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By Max Perez

This year the Workshop School has started a company called Workshop Industries. This is an after school program in West Philly to teach kids real life skills.

One of the many skills is entrepreneurship. A 9th grade student Victor Ginsburg said, “I joined Workshop Industries for the money.…

Student voices: Workshop Community Has High Hopes for March Basketball Tournament

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By Giovanni Brabazon

This March, the Workshop School will be participating in a basketball tournament in Delaware to try and bring back a trophy. The players are very positive about the upcoming tournament.

One 9th grade player, Moussa Sidibe, is trusting in his coach’s abilities. “I think I’ll play good because I have a good coach,” he said.…

Student voices: Workshop Students Share Opinions on Police Presence

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By Jamell Williams

After the non-indictments in the Eric Garner and Michael Brown cases, students and staff at the Workshop School shared their opinions on the police presence in their neighborhood.

Drina Davis, a 9th grader, shared her thoughts about her West Philadelphia neighborhood. “I don’t feel no type of way about the police in my neighborhood.…

Student voices: Students Host Die-In to Protest Police Brutality

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by Drina Davis

On Friday , December 5, approximately 75 student and about 6 staffs got involved in a “die-in” at 11 am in the second floor hallway for 5 mins. The students laid or sat on the ground quietly and some also held signs to represent the young black teen that got killed by a white cop.…

Student voices: Students Build Bridges and Community

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by Mohamede Diallo

During the first quarter, ninth grade students at the Workshop School built bridges out of popsicle sticks and balsa wood. The project was designed for students to understand how to work hands-on in groups and to learn some basics of engineering and design.

Over 75 ninth grade students participated in the project.…

Student voices: Teachers and Students Prepare for Theater Project

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by Samira Brown-Brooks

Next quarter 9th grade students at the Workshop School is going to be producing a play at a theater called the Bushfire Theater. The school is doing this project to bring out students’ talent and to learn and have fun at the same time.

The project will be funded by a Picasso grant of 5, 000 dollars.…

Student voices: Advisories Redesign Classrooms

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By Daniel Watson

This quarter, four advisories from the Workshop School have been working on a classroom design project to improve the way their classrooms look and function.

This project came to life in a meeting among four advisory teacher’s, Ms. Melville, Ms. Mathews, Ms. Pickens, and Dr. Miller. Between these four advisories, that’s about 70 students working on this project.…

Talking With Students About Ferguson and Racism

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This post was written by Workshop teacher Kathleen Melville, and originally appeared on the. 

I’ve been talking about race and racism with my students. We’ve been talking about Ferguson, critiquing the ways various media have covered the case, identifying pernicious stereotypes about young people of color and seeking out ways to create media of our own.…


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As you can see from the new look, we’re making progress on the site!

We still have a lot of work to do though. Over the next two weeks we’ll be updating content, streamlining menus, and improving the site’s graphics and functionality.

Thanks for your patience!…

Sorry for the mess!

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We’re just about to launch a new version of our website. While this is very exciting our place is a bit of a mess right now. Our apologies if things don’t load properly. We’ll have the new site – with a bunch of new content – up soon!…