Saturday morning success

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Saturday morning. 10:30 A.M. Our award-winning playwright, Iayanna Jones,  is viewing a stage artist’s conceptualization of what the set might look like. She’s watching five actors perform her play, The Nightmare that Never Goes Away. She’s sitting in front of the audience and hearing feedback and many, many compliments.

She’s not doing it alone.…

Information Sheet for Families and Students

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We are trying to find 60 ninth grade students for the fall of 2013. We’re out talking to West Philadelphia K-8s and Middle Schools this week. If you are interested in our program, please check out our information sheet here:

Workshop Student Information Sheet

Questions, please send an email to…

Great Coverage of Greens in a Box

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Thanks to our awesome friends at Fresh Direct for sponsoring this challenge!

Thanks to Newsworks for this great story!

Exciting News!

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We’re expanding!  Here is the press release from the School District of Philadelphia:

The District will also expand three high-performing schools – Hill Freedman Middle School, Science Leadership Academy and the Sustainability Workshop – through a $6 million investment from the Great Schools Fund, managed by the PSP.
“This is a valuable opportunity for us to work with principals to provide schools with the supplementary resources needed to serve incoming students and replicate our most successful schools and programs,” said Superintendent Dr.…

I give thanks…for inspiration

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I give thanks…for inspiration

For many years, my friend Coco and I went out and cheered at the marathon.  Then Lisa and I went with Coco.  Now my kids know that they’re going to spend one Sunday morning in November standing first at 34th and Powelton and then at the edge of Kelly Drive until their hands crack, listening to Mom and Dad encourage anyone who runs close enough for us to see their name on their bib.…

Really doing it…

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We spent yesterday, the three of us, in a conference room, with a cruddy air conditioning system and a noisy projector, grappling with the question of who we want to our students to be and what we want them to be able to do by the time they finish our program.   …

so many d— questions

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So this blog has some political content but I don’t really want to talk politics.  I want to talk about what it means to be educated, what it means to learn, and what it means to know what you know and know what you don’t know.   Garry Wills, whose writing and outlook I respect immensely, has a piece on one of the Republican candidates here. …

It’s personal

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We do project based learning at the Workshop. The students come up with a problem. We sit with them and think about how to begin to solve the problem. Together we puzzle over different approaches. We think about different resources. We come up with two to four ways to demonstrate that they’ve effectively addressed the problem.…

La Casa Verde

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The video from one of our semi-finalist teams for the Spirit of Innovation Awards: