Real World Application: For Real, For Real

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What does real-world application mean to you? Lately, this phrase has become a buzz-phrase in education, used freely to describe any lesson that mighty loosely resemble something practical and tangible. However, at the Workshop School real-world projects are literally “sink or swim.” On Thursday, October 30, 2015 the 10th grade students journeyed to the YMCA pool to test their life-size cardboard boats.…

Families Welcome: All of the Time

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This week at the Workshop School families visited classrooms everyday. From 8:30 until 3:30, parents and guardians watched student exhibitions, providing feedback to the students about not only the quality of their presentation, but the content as well. Students openly reflected about their growth this quarter in 20-30 minute presentations, and then fielded questions and comments from their peers, their teachers, and their parents.…

Exhibitions: Presenting Accomplishments, Struggles, and Goals

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This week (November 9, 10, 12, and 13) students at the Workshop School will be presenting all of their work from the first quarter in 20-30 minute presentations called “Exhibitions”. Students reflect on their areas of strength and areas of growth as they present in front of classmates and guests. The vibe this week at school is exhilarating as students rehearse and prepare for one of the longest (if not the longest) presentations they have ever created.…

Saturday morning success

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Saturday morning. 10:30 A.M. Our award-winning playwright, Iayanna Jones, is viewing a stage artist’s conceptualization of what the set might look like. She’s watching five actors perform her play, The Nightmare that Never Goes Away. She’s sitting in front of the audience and hearing feedback and many, many compliments.

She’s not doing it alone.…

Admissions, Exhibitions, and Home & School Alliance!

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Heads up, prospective students and current families!

  • The deadline for SDP High School Selection is fast approaching. If you are interested in attending the Workshop School, please check out our pages on HOW and WHY to apply. Visitors are welcome at Open Houses every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9-12 through November 12.

Student Voices: Where I’m From, Erieyanna Hicks

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I am from the sun glistening and the neighbors grilling,
From the stray cats and the raccoons too.

I am from my mother’s cooking and my father’s tunes,
From my grandma’s cookies and the cool cartoons.

I am from the shoes on the wires and the trash on the ground,
From the water company banging all around.…

Student Voices: Where I’m From, Krista Frasier

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I am from “Yo lemme borrow some sugar”,
from neighbors living on the next floor.

I am from kool-aid and chicken,
from banana pudding and s’mores.

I am from dark nights at the park,
from running from cats following me home.

I am from sharing a laundry room,
from inspections every month.…

Community First

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The first principle of the Workshop School is “Community First.” We are striving to live up to this principle, and everything we do in school–from morning circle to group work–is geared towards fostering a collaborative, respectful, and caring environment. However, sometimes, it’s nice to get out of school to build community.…

Quick Hits, Summer 2015

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The work never stops at the Workshop School – not even for summer vacation!

  • Jamal Jackson, Keyshawn Stran, and Danitria Cain talk about healthy sexuality and relationships with their peers. This summer we hosted 17 student workers, funded through Philadelphia Youth Network’s WorkReady program. They spent their time working with Bevan Weissman, Workshop Industries Coordinator, and Meg Hayden, Upper House Coordinator, to turn the Fab Shop into a space where everyone can build and learn safely.

Workshop Year Begins with Exciting Projects

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The Workshop School has started the 2015-2016 school year with many exciting projects. Staying true to the school principles, the curriculum continues to focus on real-world problems in real-world settings. Students spent September building bridges, sailing seas, and observing organizations through a variety of projects.

Ninth grade began the year studying the structure and design of bridges.…