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A Convenient Lie

Posted by on Oct 19, 2010 in General | No Comments

A Convenient Lie
By C. Aiden Downey

Waiting for Superman is a misnomer, as director David Guggenheim not only finds Superman (played by Jeffry Canada) but also Wonderwoman (Michele Rhree), both of who are already trying to saving children from what Rhee, chronically tangled up in her own truth lasso, confesses to be a “crappy education.”  “Documentary” is yet another misnomer, as this movie is more an emotional informercial full of feckless heartstring yanking that would make a weepy Sally Struthers smile.  In a nutshell, Guggenhiem follows the quickly curdling storylines of five families’ plights to get their kids a less crappy education, all the while splicing in entertaining yet inane cartoons and film clips to go along with mercilessly massaged charts, graphs and histories meant to incite rather than inform us, to get us mad as hell at ________.…