Writer Dan McQuade Speaks to Workshop Students

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On Friday PhillyMag writer Dan McQuade visited Ms. Melville and Ms. Clark’s 9th grade English classes. The freshmen have been studying journalism in their afternoon literacy seminar, and Mr. McQuade generously volunteered to speak to the students about his work as a writer. First, he presented his own journalism journey, encouraging the students to not give up on their dreams, no matter how difficult the market is.…

Teaching imagination and creativity

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We all know that creativity is central to problem solving. We know that the ability to think critically and solve problems is critical to students’ long-term success. The question is: how do we teach people to be creative?

Last Friday, Michael Clapper posed this question to students in his eleventh grade advisory.…

A school design thought experiment

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Imagine your school with no curriculum and no roster, no standards and no assessments, just a space where students and adults show up every day. Imagine that the adults are available to the students but make no attempt to organize and govern their behavior, save the minimum requirement to keep them safe.…

Brightening-Up Science with Solar Power

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While many students in Philadelphia are learning about solar power in their textbooks, few are able to learn about it the way Workshop School students do. Currently, the sophomores are studying solar power in one of their project blocks. First, students are learning about the basics with hands-on experimentation. However, after they master the nuts and bolts (or shall we say the rays and volts?) of solar power, they then will be designing their own “wearable technology” that makes use of solar power.…

Texting and Mac-n-Cheese: Not just your regular PTA!

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The Home School Alliance held its monthly meeting on December 10, 2015. A guardian in November requested that a student teach the parents more about texting because he was confused by his student’s text messages. A freshman volunteered to teach the entire HSA about texting, along with her advisor Ms. Clark.…

Thinking about College as Sophomores

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On Friday, December 4, 2015 Ms. Rowe’s advisory was invited to attend a class at Temple University. A professor from the Temple Graduate School of Education visited Ms. Rowe’s advisory in the Fall with some of her Temple students, and were so impressed by discussions taking place at the Workshop School that she invited them to visit Temple and her own class.…

Service Learning in the Community

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Ms. Kimmel’s 10th grade advisory initiated an incredible service learning project in the community. Last Thursday, December 1st, almost 20 sophomores walked to Locke Elementary School to teach younger students about the solar system. The sophomores worked hard throughout the month preparing presentations and activities to teach the children about the planets.…

Students encouraging students

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“Think about your future.”
“Get ready for college.”
“What you do now, affects you tomorrow.”

Often students hear these phrases again and again from their teachers, but what happens when students begin to hear these phrases from their peers? On Wednesday, November 18th juniors traveled to all of the sophomore and freshman advisories to inform underclassmen about the unique opportunity of taking college classes at CCP during 11th and 12th grade if they pass the Gateway Presentation in 10th grade.…

The work we do

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At our staff meeting this afternoon, we took some time to share appreciations – of the community we’ve created and of each other as individuals. There were many riffs on a common theme: we all appreciate being a part of a community where we can be creative, experiment, and take chances.…

Families Welcome: All of the Time

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This week at the Workshop School families visited classrooms everyday. From 8:30 until 3:30, parents and guardians watched student exhibitions, providing feedback to the students about not only the quality of their presentation, but the content as well. Students openly reflected about their growth this quarter in 20-30 minute presentations, and then fielded questions and comments from their peers, their teachers, and their parents.…