And…we’re back

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I think we’re pretty good at the whole education thing. Blogging, it seems, not so much. Sorry for the hiatus. There is loads to report, so we’ll try and post more frequently to capture more of it.…

If You Build It (With Them) They Will Come

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I know I can speak for all of us in saying that starting a new school is a dream come true.  The idea that we could imagine a different kind of school and then make it a reality has still not fully sunk in.  Seeing students who were in elementary school when we first started thinking and working on the ideas behind the Sustainability Workshop walking through its doors sent shivers down my spine. …

At the forefront of STEM education

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We just learned that we are among ten finalists in the Ashoka’s Changemakers Partnering for Excellence Competition: Innovations in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education. Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

I love to learn __________? (Fill in the blank)

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Just the other day I heard it again- “I love to learn.”  Variations on it pepper my recent past, as students love to profess their love of learning to those tasked with teaching them.  Love of learning has become a personal trait of sorts, one that schools try to cultivate in students because it serves them well in school.…


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It started innocently enough – the first email to our brand new group of seniors. Really it was just a test to make sure our Google platform was working properly. The email began this way: “Hey Workers…”

There are a couple of things about that choice of words that are worth noting.…

Listen, then, if you have ears…

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I used to argue with my pre-service teachers about a book I used for many years. C’mon, now, of course it’s important to listen to your students…you really need a whole book about it?

I was thinking about those conversations today as I wandered around our building watching kids work on various projects.…

What is a problem?

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Our router hasn’t been working the way it was supposed to. We are a paperless school. That is a problem.

But what kind of problem is it?

It’s partly technical: figuring out whether the router has capacity to do what we need it to do, and whether it’s configured correctly. This is mostly beyond our (and our students’) capacity to solve.…

Will You Marry Me?

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(reflections from week 2 at the SW 9/16/11)

We had an amazing first two weeks at the Sustainability Workshop.  Since communicating complex emotion through written word is not my strength, I’ll give you the math guy equivalent – the first week was something like a triple integral over a Gaussian surface.…

Dreaming of Clean Cars and Good Schools

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(reflections from the first week at the Sustainability Workshop 9/9/11)

I’m not sure how many times in life we get the opportunity to realize a dream – a big dream.  I can still remember the first time it happened to me as a teacher.  Thirteen years ago my students won the Philadelphia Science Fair. …

A few thoughts from Day 1

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Tuesday was our first day at the Workshop. The weather didn’t exactly cooperate but we got off to a great start. This is largely due to our students, who brought a great attitude and energy to their first day with us.

It is way too early to pretend to have any real handle on how this will all shake out, but it was both fun and fascinating to listen to (and participate in) our initial conversations.…