Saving the Accelerated Schools

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This afternoon, dozens of students, parents and educators in the city’s Accelerated Schools – programs serving students who have dropped out or are at risk of doing so – will testify at City Council about restoring their funding. Last Friday, the district announced that the schools would be closed, and replaced with district-run programs housed […]

Three Cups of School Reform Tea

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The recent accusations about Greg Mortenson fabricating parts of his bestselling book “Three Cups of Tea” raise interesting questions about school reform.  While we might never know the truth about Mortenson’s stumbling into an Afghan village and being kidnapped by the Taliban, the story that seems to be emerging is that the book was very […]

Less Superman, more Clark Kent

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We try not to use this space to just link to other people’s writing. There are plenty of folks who do that better than us. But Joe Nocera’s column on school reform in today’s NY Times is really worth a read. Not because is says anything wildly new, but because it says it simply and […]

The Biggest Bully in Schools

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Bullying in schools is big these days.  As a nation we are struggling with just how much our children are being subjected to derision, coercion and just plain abuse on school buses, online, in classrooms and hallways, and after school.   We have decided to get tough on bullies, to have zero tolerance until we have […]

Radically practical

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When you consider the contributions of the Highlander Folk School to both the labor and civil rights movements, few U.S. educators have had as much broad, social impact as Myles Horton. (A case could be made for Charles Elliot or E.L. Thorndike, I suppose, but I’m thinking of positive impacts here.) Horton was without a […]

“This isn’t a school.”

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We’ve spent some time this week writing about the need to clear away/let go of conventions about high school that limit the ways we think about learning and teaching. This certainly isn’t a new observation, but neither is it common in the reform community. You know where it is common? Among students. They already know […]

why don’t you all just f-f-f-ade away…

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A few weeks ago I pointed out an interview with Junot Diaz where he described the lack of attention isolation most adolescents face. How few adults are thoroughly invested in listening to the children around them? Sadly, at least some teachers fall into this category…

School Reform as a Forest Fire

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As a small nonprofit working its tail off to start a school we at the Workshop have had to have our fingers on the political pulse of schooling and school reform in the city, state and nation.  More than once we have grimaced at a misguided political or policy initiative to fix schools, only to […]

Reform and the “old rules”

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First off, Grid Magazine is one of those things that just makes you proud to be from Philly. (The link above is to the magazine site, which includes the current issue in full text.) The current issue, which focuses on education, has a great article about Rob Fleming’s Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Design (SEED) Center […]

Green Grand Prix and other competitions

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This school year I’ve been spending two days a week at West Philadelphia High School’s Auto Academy working with the students and teachers who make up the EVX Team.  I started the team 13 years ago as an after-school program to make good space for teachers and students to do hands-on work solving real problems.  […]