La Casa Verde (2011-2012)

The mission of La Casa Verde is to build LEED Certified low cost homes made from recycled shipping containers. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is an international port where ships pick up and drop off products in shipping containers. We’re using shipping containers for our houses because after 10 years of ocean‐going service, the containers can no longer be used for their original purpose and end up in the scrap yard. We are finding a new use for them and taking them out of the waste stream. Additionally, shipping containers are structurally sound, easy to work with, and easily transported. The houses we build from the containers will be placed on empty lots where homes used to exist.

La Casa Verde homes won’t only be low cost; they will also be very energy efficient. We will use the latest solar panel technologies, super insulation, LED lighting, and other recycled materials that will save energy and money
for those who will live in them. We will tap into our school’s extensive network of government, business, labor, and college partners to help us build a container home prototype, set up our business, and obtain financing for the series of shipping container homes we plan to produce.

By building environmentally friendly, low‐energy, and cool‐looking homes, we hope to provide affordable public housing for the city’s housing agencies and capture the market for modern home developers and first time home buyers on a budget.
La Casa Verde is designed to increase demand and lower prices, which will yield more consumers. Perhaps most importantly, by building these homes in the city of Philadelphia we will help bring back jobs for people who are unemployed and for students graduating high school with an interest in green building design.

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