Ms. Melville and Mr. Hauger teamed up for a project on lamps: how they work, stuff and how to design and build them. In the first two weeks, they learned about electricity and circuits, and built a simple circuit to light up 1 or 2 bulbs. In the next three weeks, each students used the design process to build their own lamp, using our CNC router and laser cutter to create the body. Students visited a lighting store and searched the internet for inspiration, sketching their ideas by hand before heading to the CAD lab to draft them in Inventor or VCarve. Using plexiglass, plywood, and corrugated plastic, they cut and painted and glued and wired up their lamps.


Ms. Melville created an awesome website about the project with lots more details. Check it out for documentation of the electricity lab, the design process, and the finished lamps!

Lamp Project 15-16

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