Talking With Students About Ferguson and Racism

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This post was written by Workshop teacher Kathleen Melville, and originally appeared on the. 

I’ve been talking about race and racism with my students. We’ve been talking about Ferguson, critiquing the ways various media have covered the case, identifying pernicious stereotypes about young people of color and seeking out ways to create media of our own.…


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As you can see from the new look, we’re making progress on the site!

We still have a lot of work to do though. Over the next two weeks we’ll be updating content, streamlining menus, and improving the site’s graphics and functionality.

Thanks for your patience!…

Sorry for the mess!

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We’re just about to launch a new version of our website. While this is very exciting our place is a bit of a mess right now. Our apologies if things don’t load properly. We’ll have the new site – with a bunch of new content – up soon!…

We’re going to the White House! (Again!)

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The Workshop School and the mighty EVX Team have done it again! We are delighted to announce that the team was invited to participate in the first ever White House Maker Faire on June 18. A team of seven Workshop School students, two teachers, and principal Simon Hauger will attend the event, which will feature the team’s latest project: a Factory Five Racing 818 biodiesel sports car!…

Technology and the Work of Knowing

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There’s no question about the benefits of using technology to support teaching and learning. It’s efficient, it prepares students for college and careers, and at its best, it allows for personalization. There’s also no shortage of challenges. We spend a lot of time worrying about the time students can waste on technology, or whether they are accessing appropriate content.…

What we’re learning

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We’re just over halfway into our first year as a full high school. We’re asking students to learn through project work, and we’re doing the same thing as a staff. One of our co-founders, Aiden Downey, talks a lot about what we learn by working on the school, and the importance of doing that work in the same way we ask students to do theirs: open, democratic, creative, no shortcuts.…

Greens in a Box: West Coast edition!

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Last year, FreshDirect, an on-line grocery and delivery service new to the Philadelphia area, was incredibly generous in providing Sustainability Workshop students fresh healthy food. We enjoyed a wonderful variety of fresh fruits, salads, and entrees. Mango, pineapple, apples, oranges, bananas, and spinach all became staples of our diet.

Earlier this year, FreshDirect challenged Workshop students to design and build a hydroponic system to grow our own food.…

Check out the new projects!

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It’s been such a busy year that we haven’t had nearly enough time to keep up with the website and blog. But our students have done some amazing work! Check out two of our projects from this year, Teens Intervene and Land RAFTS, on the projects page.…

Why trust matters

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At the Workshop, we spend about the first month of the school year building community: Defining what we value as a group, exploring what makes us who we are as individuals, and learning to share that with one another. We’re getting to know one another, and trying to send and reinforce the message that our students have a lot of say in what kind of community we become.…

Wildfire learning

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It’s a worn out cliche, I know. But the other analogy people usually draw in this situation is to chaos theory. And the truth is that I’ve read quite a bit about that and still don’t really understand it, so I feel like a poseur using that metaphor. So wildfire it is.…