Will You Marry Me?

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(reflections from week 2 at the SW 9/16/11)

We had an amazing first two weeks at the Sustainability Workshop.  Since communicating complex emotion through written word is not my strength, I’ll give you the math guy equivalent – the first week was something like a triple integral over a Gaussian surface.…

Dreaming of Clean Cars and Good Schools

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(reflections from the first week at the Sustainability Workshop 9/9/11)

I’m not sure how many times in life we get the opportunity to realize a dream – a big dream.  I can still remember the first time it happened to me as a teacher.  Thirteen years ago my students won the Philadelphia Science Fair. …

Green Grand Prix and other competitions

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This school year I’ve been spending two days a week at West Philadelphia High School’s Auto Academy working with the students and teachers who make up the EVX Team.  I started the team 13 years ago as an after-school program to make good space for teachers and students to do hands-on work solving real problems. …

Old School

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My son was recently assigned a project on the state of Washington for school. He decided he wanted to program his Lego robot to draw the state of Washington. The teacher sent a list of suggestions like make a brochure, unhealthy bake something using the state fruit, unhealthy or create a poster about the state.…

Learning By Doing

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Last week I had the privilege of presenting at TEDxPhilly (see the links in previous blogs). I created an after school program at West Philadelphia High School that has received national attention. I’ve been invited to a few of these events because people want to know how an inner-city after-school program can build bad-ass hybrid cars that beat teams like MIT and big money start-up companies.…