Reflection, fuh reel, fuh reel…

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Re-reading one of those great books that’s consigned to the textbook department but that deserves better: Teaching History for the Common Good.

School Construction?

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There’s a brief article here about how a school district is using new schools for “hands-on learning.” The author interviews a district official who describes the process this way:

The Ludic Fallacy

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I’ve been reading a lot of Nassim Nicholas Taleb of late, first Fooled by Randomness and now The Black Swan. The gist of both books is the same: we don’t know a lot more than we do know, yet we tend to think the opposite is true and behave accordingly.…

Leadership, Governance, and Teachers

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There’s an interesting interview here describing what it would mean to “flip the script” and put teachers in a leadership position in schools. I liked the tone — this isn’t an immediate, magical solution — as well as the awareness that teachers already work hard and are mostly looking to spend their hours doing activities that actually help students.…

Wrong about everything, except what matters most

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It’s pretty hard to argue with Aiden’s criticism of Waiting for Superman. (As a nice complement, Diane Ravitch has written a less philosophical but very persuasive critique of the film’s claims about both what’s wrong with schools and how to fix it.)

Sitting here on November 4, however, two days after a major shift in who gets to make decisions about schools, I can’t help but feel that in the bigger debate, the one where we ask ourselves whether or not we care about poor kids, Guggenheim and Co.…

Students know, man, they just know.

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There’s a high schooler named Azeem Hill. Here’s his blog.

One of his teachers told me something he said at a conference last week:

A Convenient Lie

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A Convenient Lie
By C. Aiden Downey

Waiting for Superman is a misnomer, as director David Guggenheim not only finds Superman (played by Jeffry Canada) but also Wonderwoman (Michele Rhree), both of who are already trying to saving children from what Rhee, chronically tangled up in her own truth lasso, confesses to be a “crappy education.”  “Documentary” is yet another misnomer, as this movie is more an emotional informercial full of feckless heartstring yanking that would make a weepy Sally Struthers smile. …