Announcing the Workshop School's New Principal: Ayanna Walker

Welcome to the Workshop School virtual escape rooms of 2020!

Below you will find five rooms designed by Workshop students. Simply click on the image next to the title and your adventure begins! Thanks for joining us!

Life or Death Performance: It would be a crime not to survive

Designed by Rymere Hall, Jada Higgs, and Ronna Ngeth

Stuck in the Studio

Designed by Breanna Golding, Timaijha Gaines, Elijah Carter and Devon Moore

Locker Room on Lockdown

Designed by Anyeah Jones, Aaron Myers and Khalil Bridges

Signs of the Future Control Panel

Designed by Anika Powell-Price, Daryus Brown-Stokes, and Alize Rouse

Escape this High School

Designed by Shania Hall and Tristan Hall