How to Apply to the Workshop School

The Workshop School is now enrolling for the 2014-15 school year.  We will be adding 90 freshman this coming school year.  To apply, you need to fill out the School District of Philadelphia’s application (  To learn more about our school, read on AND visit us at the high school fair November 16th! (  If you have any questions, please email us at


The Workshop School is different than most schools.  At the Workshop, students spend their days working on meaningful projects that solve real world problems.  We believe learning should be interesting, even fun. The Workshop is a place where your ideas matter.  Sure, we focus on all of the stuff you need to be successful in school, like reading, writing, and math. And we definitely work hard. But we also learn the things you need to be successful in life. Like how to ask the right questions, push through adversity, make positive change, and work well with other people.


So what’s it like? We spend most of our day working on projects. Over the last two years, our students have designed and built electric go-karts, started businesses, and even built a house that runs on solar power. They’ve worked on important topics like environmental conservation, immigration reform, and nutrition. They’ve met with political and business leaders to share their work and ideas.


The Workshop doesn’t feel like a normal school. We spend a lot of time together and get to know each other really well.  It’s a community of learners who push each other to be their best, to trust each other, to look-out for each other. When you ask our students what it’s like, the word they use most often is “family.”


We believe in our students. We want them to go to college, and have a great career and a great life. (Did we mention that last year, all of our students got into college?) But we don’t think you need to wait for college to start making a difference in your community and your world.  We believe you can start right now.