Instead of final exams at the end of each trimester, our students reflect on their learning and present to their community about what they have accomplished, how they have grown, and where they need to improve. We call these presentations “Exhibitions.” Family members frequently attend student exhibitions, which are paired with conferences so caregivers can see their child’s work, ask questions, and discuss next steps. 

At the end of 10th grade, students are required to complete a Gateway Project consisting of a portfolio of work and an oral defense. We challenge students to prove to us that they are ready for greater freedom, autonomy and opportunity. Specifically, they are required to demonstrate that they have a clear vision for their future beyond high school, and a plan for how they intend to use their final two years of school to fulfill that vision.

Last spring, our friends at PhillyCAM shot a great mini-documentary about the Gateway process. Check it out!