Land RAFTS are highly efficient, site modular housing kits packed in shipping containers that can be deployed anywhere in the world in the aftermath of natural disasters.

The kits include building materials to construct a small, sickness expandable, no rx permanent home including solar array, transverter, and battery pack; rainwater capture and purification system; composting toilet; and basic appliances. Implemented at scale, Land RAFTS not only address a long-term housing problem, they obviate the need for infrastructure such as an electrical grid or sewer system in places that currently do not have it.

This project evolved from six students’ examination of the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti

where, despite a massive influx of aid, hundreds of thousands of people remain in temporary housing.

The team wanted to come up with

a better alternative to temporary shelters that all too often ended serving as long-term housing.

This project was a finalist in the Conrad Spirit of Innovation Awards’ energy and environment division.

Our team of six students travelled to Johnson Space Center in Houston to present their design (including three dimensional CAD drawings) to a panel of industry experts. When they returned home, they got started building their prototype, which is being completed this summer.

The first fully functional Land RAFT can be found at Bartram’s Garden in Southwest Philadelphia.

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