Questions for a rainy Thursday

Things I’ve been thinking a lot about of late, both for the Workshop and more generally:

  1. It is commonly assumed that education is central to economic advancement, especially for those coming from lower income backgrounds, and with good reason. But when and why did it become received wisdom that test scores were a proxy for education within this bigger conversation? Put more directly: what evidence is there that test score performance is central to economic advancement?
  2. When we look at the instances where individuals have successfully climbed the economic ladder, what other elements do we find in their stories, both within the school experience and outside it? Are we even looking for them? And if we are, how are we looking for them?

I like to think I am fairly current on a lot of education research, but I don’t feel like I have very good answers to these questions. Perhaps others do. What I do know is that they are seldom asked anymore.