Student voices: Advisories Redesign Classrooms

By Daniel Watson

This quarter, four advisories from the Workshop School have been working on a classroom design project to improve the way their classrooms look and function.

This project came to life in a meeting among four advisory teacher’s, Ms. Melville, Ms. Mathews, Ms. Pickens, and Dr. Miller. Between these four advisories, that’s about 70 students working on this project.

Since the beginning of the second quarter these four advisories have been working on this project that ranges from painting, sink gardens, murals and furniture.

Most of the students in Ms. Melville’s advisory thought that the project would be really cool to do.

Hassan Herrin, a 9th grade student in Ms. Melville’s advisory, said “The best part about doing this project is painting something meaningful that represents our classroom.”

Khadir Coles, another member of Ms. Melville’s advisory, is making a sink garden. “The best part about this project was the planting because nature makes everything better.”

Another 9th grader, Maximino Perez, said that “having the opportunity to design and build is the best part about this project.”

Dashawn Fisher is a 9th grade student in Dr. Miller’s advisory. He said, “I struggled with agreeing with other students where to place our redesign.”

The teachers involved also found this project both exciting and challenging. Dr. Miller said “I like seeing students be creative.” However, he noted that one of the challenges has been managing all the different things going on.

Similarly, Ms. Melville had her share of stressful days. In the end, though, it seems that the project was worth it. She said, “Students are changing the world – in this case, the world of our classroom – while also working together on building something real.”