Student voices: Great Opportunities for Students at Workshop Industries

By Max Perez

This year the Workshop School has started a company called Workshop Industries. This is an after school program in West Philly to teach kids real life skills.

One of the many skills is entrepreneurship. A 9th grade student Victor Ginsburg said, “I joined Workshop Industries for the money. My favorite part is selling our product.”

Todd Menadier, an engineer and a teacher at the school, started this program in the fall. “I had a vision one day of a world where children do as I tell them and I make money off them,” he joked.

It seems that his vision is coming true. This program is selling over fifteen items every day and has made hundreds of dollars. The money goes to the school and the students who are in the program.

The after school program is selling lip balm for $2.00 each and their signature jawnaments for $3.00 each. The 9th grade student Mohamede Diallo said, “I think its cool because you can make lip balm.”

Ninth grade students Samira Brooks and Daniel Watson think this program will help students in the future. Samira said “I think it’s something different and can get you somewhere.” Daniel said, “It seems like a great way to learn about entrepreneurship.”

For many students, Workshop Industries is a great opportunity – to learn, to make money, and to experience entrepreneurship.