Student Voices: Once in a Lifetime at URBN

Recently 8 Workshop students spent a day at Urban Outfitters’ Building 543 at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. They helped set up the space for a fundraiser to benefit the Children’s Scholarship Fund. Keyshawn Stran and Qwontay Hunter describe their experience.

Keyshawn writes:

Visiting Urban Outfitters at the Navy Yard was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me and my fellow students. When we entered their headquarters, we were blown away by all the unique designs that were there. Right away we saw this big tall sequined wall with big colorful flowers as the background. Then we saw an elegant modern-style living room set made out of wood! The place was amazing and also breathtaking for me because this was my first time ever coming to the Navy Yard or UO.

Before we got started, two URBN designers gave us a quick tour of what was being done and why. They split us into two groups. One group was placing plants around to make the place look more real and stunning. The next group, which I was in, was planting moss on chickenwire around the trees to make it look more realistic. It wasn’t easy but it was fun. We had to cut chickenwire and staple it on top of the wooden bases that were supporting the trees. The chickenwire had to have a puff so the moss would look better puffing up out of the ground.

The best thing about the day was having a photographer there taking pictures of us as we were working the entire time. The greatest thing about URBAN Outfitters HQ to me is getting the opportunity to experience something like that and having The Workshop School students there holding it down!

For Qwonaty the experience was just a bit different:  

We did so much. We rode SEPTA, had so much fun I want to go back. When we got there I thought it was going to be boring but it turned out to be great. We turned the place into a wonderful forest. We moved some plants around and then they changed plans and we had to move the plants around again. It was hard work, I had fun, and I loved being part of it. It feels good to take some credit for what we did. We also had some wonderful food and I was full of it! The best part of the trip for me was when we were laughing so hard that one of my classmates was crying about wanting to go to Tastykake factory .