Students encouraging students

“Think about your future.”
“Get ready for college.”
“What you do now, affects you tomorrow.”

Often students hear these phrases again and again from their teachers, but what happens when students begin to hear these phrases from their peers? On Wednesday, November 18th juniors traveled to all of the sophomore and freshman advisories to inform underclassmen about the unique opportunity of taking college classes at CCP during 11th and 12th grade if they pass the Gateway Presentation in 10th grade. Unlike many high schools, the Workshop School allows students to leave school starting junior year to prepare for college by actually attending a college. Eleventh graders gave underclassmen encouragement and inspiration to work hard now so they too can take a class at CCP as juniors. Students engaged in a roundtable discussion with Ms. Hayden, Dr. Riggan, Dr. Clapper about what the Gateway Presentation entails before hearing from their peers about the amazing opportunities that come after passing Gateway. IMG_2415