Students prepare for final presentations at Wharton

Please join us the week of June 7-10 for the Fourth Quarter Exhibitions. As the fourth term of the school year comes to a close our students will present their work and projects to their peers, parents, guardians, and community members. We hope you will be part of this important part of the Workshop School’s educational process. Students share what they’ve learned and where they have struggled. They get feedback from classmates and set goals for the upcoming year. It’s a powerful experience for students and audience members alike.

Having an authentic audience for exhibitions is an essential part of the presenting experience for students. We would truly appreciate your support and attendance. For more information, or to let us know you will be coming contact Matt Riggan at

Below: On Wednesday, the sophomores practiced for their year-end presentation. At the Workshop School, the sophomores’ final presentation is called “Gateway”, and is one of the pieces needed to prove their readiness to take college classes in their junior year. To practice for their Gateways, the students presented at Wharton School of Business, which houses world-class presentation spaces.