The last 5 days at the Workshop School? Limitless Possibilities are a Reality

What has happened in the last 5 days at the Workshop School?

-9th graders attended the smash-hit Hamilton . (2/24)
-11th graders professionally painted a car using the latest technology. (2/25)
-Teachers engaged in thoughtful conversations about how to be a caring, consistent advisor. (2/26)
-9th graders designed, implemented, and led a tour of Philadelphia’s Underground Railroad. (2/27)
-10th graders continued to construct their own peer-mediation room while being trained on how to be peer mediators. (2/29)
-Students across the school engaged in challenging projects such as creating oral histories, investigating nutrition and diet, and planning their own school-wide open-mic night. (3/1)

When students and teachers are trusted to be leaders in their own academic explorations, the possibilities are endless. IMG_3309