Videos: What works and what needs work

After Q2 Exhibitions, our students took a week-long break before immersing themselves in their Q3 projects. During that week, they took field trips, rebuilt their advisory cultures, and created short videos showcasing their perspectives on what we do well at the Workshop School – and what we don’t do so well. These videos were primarily intended to spark conversation and reflection in our community and help students connect across different advisories and grade levels.

We showed the best videos from each advisories to our students and asked them to vote on the best in each category. Check out what our students have to say!

What Works

Cesar Ramirez, Tajair Delbridge, Tanaejia Jackson-Clark, Jeff Holden (Dr. Clapper, 11th/12th grade)

What Needs Work

Asidah Griffin, Lior Lefkovitz, Samiere Young, Bash Riley, Sikia Williams, Maurice Chavis (Ms. Melville, 9th grade)