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Weekend @ Workshop

Join us for Weekend @ Workshop, a celebration of learning, creativity and innovation featuring staff and students from the Workshop School! 

Weekend @ Workshop

Friday, March 15 @ 6pm: Cocktail Reception and Panel Discussion

Join us for a reception and panel discussion titled Envisioning A Youth-Centered City. We’re asking our guests to think big about what Philadelphia could look like if we centered young people not just in our schools, but in all of our systems, our economy, and our community. It promises an informative, hopeful, and challenging conversation! See below for more information about our panelists

Saturday, March 16, 9am-4pm

On Saturday morning the real fun begins! Here is a sample of what's on the schedule.

  • Learn how to take care of your car from our amazing Automotive team.

  • See if you can solve your way out of an escape room designed by our 11th grade students.

  • Dive into storytelling with our 12th grade English students.

  • Learn how to use 3D printers and laser cutters with our Workshop Industries students.

  • Learn how to design and make lamps with our 9th graders.

  • Test your physical fitness by seeing if you can outperform our 12th graders on a series of student-designed tasks.


Along the way, you’ll also be able to hear from Workshop students and staff about what makes Workshop unique, what we have learned from each other, and how the school works behind the scenes.


This event will be held at the The Workshop School, 221 S. Hanson Street in West Philadelphia.

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Panelists Information

Our panelists are Michael O'Bryan, a Distinguished Fellow at the Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation at Drexel and founder of the design and strategy firm Humanature; ShaVon Savage, Associate Professor of Practice in Policy, Organizational, and Leadership Studies in the College of Education and Human Development at Temple University and a former Assistant superintendent, principal, teacher and attorney; and our very own Ayanna Walker, principal at the Workshop School. The panel will be moderated by founder and CEO (and proud Workshop Learning Board member) Chris Wink.


This event will be hosted offsite at The HIVE, 30 S. 15th street (downtown near Dilworth Park). Seating is limited.

Michael O’Bryan is the founder and CEO of humanature, a business management consulting firm, and is a dedicated practitioner and researcher in the fields of community development, organizational culture, and human well-being. At Drexel University’s Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation, he leads a design lab called The Wealth + Work Futures Lab focused on the futures of work, economic development, and wealth building.

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ShaVon Savage is an Associate Professor of Practice in Policy, Organizational, and Leadership Studies in the College of Education and Human Development at Temple University. Prior to serving at Temple, ShaVon served as the Deputy Superintendent of Academic Services for the School District of Philadelphia. A former teacher, principal, administrator and school law attorney, ShaVon also founded her own firm, Mosaic School Supports, to focus on developing school leaders' proficiency and confidence as operational managers.

Ayanna Walker serves as Principal at the Workshop School. A Philadelphia native and mother of three children who loves God, yoga and french fries, Ayanna spent 15 years as a middle school science teacher before transitioning into leadership. Ayanna’s love for science grew as she pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and mathematics at Lincoln University as a LASER (Lincoln’s Advanced Science and Engineering Reinforcement) student. She has studied STEM and project-based learning at Penn, Columbia and NASA, and is a Deeper Learning Leadership Fellow.

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Christopher Wink is a proud Workshop Learning board member and will serve as the panel's moderator. He is a journalist and entrepreneur who is cofounder and CEO of, the news organization with a community of technologists and entrepreneurs. He was previously publisher of, which reports on the nonprofit sector, and a former media director for a homeless advocacy nonprofit. In 2022, Chris was named one of Pennsylvania’s most influential impact leaders.

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