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Workshop's History

A Unique Partnership

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The Workshop School was established in 2011 by Workshop Learning, formerly known as Project-Based Learning, Inc. Initially created as an alternative senior-year program for Philadelphia School District students, it has since expanded into a four-year high school as a part of the district's Network of Innovative Schools.

The school continues to receive the full support of the school district and its founding non-profit. This unique partnership ensures

Workshop teachers have the tools needed to implement engaging, hands-on projects for students.


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Simon Hauger, Matthew Riggan, and Michael Clapper launch the Sustainability Workshop, which we now know as the Workshop School

The school is piloted with a single cohort of 30 seniors from various Philadelphia high schools.


The first cohort of students graduate from the Sustainability Workshop and go on to various automotive industries jobs. Because of its success and popularity, a second cohort of students are accepted into the school.


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Ayanna Walker takes over as Principal of the Workshop School while Matt and Simon continue to support and grow the impact of their non-profit.

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