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Foundations For Life

At Workshop, we go beyond conventional education. It's a place where students don't just learn; they actively contribute to a vibrant community that thrives on thinking, doing, and growth. From collaborative projects to hands-on experiences, we foster an environment where skills are not just acquired but honed.

Our focus extends beyond the classroom. We believe in preparing students for the complexities of the ever-changing world. They are equipped with essential skills that go beyond textbooks – critical thinking, adaptability, and resilience. We are sculpting individuals who will not just survive but thrive in the dynamic landscape of the future.

In essence, Workshop is more than an educational institution – it's a foundation-building experience. We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey, to invest in the futures we are shaping. Together, let's build the foundation for a lifetime of meaningful achievements. Join us in empowering these students for success in a world that demands not just knowledge but the ability to apply it with purpose. #WorkshopFoundation

Student Foundations

From the moment they enter their 9th grade year to their walk across the stage in 12th, Workshop students traverse educational and career paths that resonate with meaning and purpose. It's not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about discovering passions, unlocking potential, and finding one's unique trajectory.

Here are some of the ways our students develop their foundation...



As a Project-Based high school, students assignments are hands-on and relevant to the topics and issues they're interested in learning about.


Real-World Experiences

From internships to conferences, our students are constantly surrounded by opportunities to apply their learning to real-world settings.


Community Immersion

Starting with advisories each day and ending with life-long mentorships, the Workshop family is never-ending and strong.

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Out of School Engagement

Chess. Women of Workshop.

A Student-Run Craft Business.

The opportunities for our students to explore their interests are endless

The Workshop School

We couldn't do this work without the foundation our school is based on. From our staff to the surrounding community, every aspect of the Workshop School supports the holistic learning of our students.

Here are the foundational pillars of support our school is based on...


The Model

As a part of SDP's Innovation Network of Schools, we're fortunate enough to push the boundary for what makes an education enagaing, relevant, and fun.


Our Team

As our most valuable asset, Workshop teachers and staff go above and beyond to support our students' journey in the

Workshop School


Community Partners

Being in the heart of West Philly, we're grateful to our volunteers and community partners for the ways they amplify our students' learning


The Learning Environment

Learning extends outside of the classroom. From our automotive shop to the local universities, we consider every place our students can propser.



Whether you're a first-time donor or a lifelong supporter of the Workshop School, we appreciate the time you've taken to learn about and engage with our students. We look forward to your involvement as we all continue to explore what the value of an authentic education can be. Thank you :)

Looking for more ways to be contribute? Visit our Get Involved Page

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